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Application Procedure


Step 1.  

Download and fill out the application form from our website.

Step 2.

Submit the application form and the transcript with a last two to three years of studies in junior/high school or equivalent level.

Step 3. 

Pay registration fee (CAD $350) to designated account of Liberal and fill out the remittance confirmation form.

Step 4. 

Our school will issue a Conditional Letter of Acceptance to the qualified students when the registration fee and supporting documents mentioned above from the student are received.

Step 5. 

Remit tuition fee to designated account of Liberal according to the time and expense stipulated in the Conditional Letter of Acceptance.

Step 6. 

A Formal Letter of Acceptance to applicant will be issued after our financial department confirms receiving the remittance.

Step 7. 

Applicant is optional to entrust our school for the application of Study Permit. For more information please contact our admission office.

Step 8. 

Contact the admission office of Liberal for residence and airport pick-up services when the Study Permit has been issued from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to the applicant.


Placement Tests

On the first day of attendance, all the students are required to write the Placement Test with the photo identification (Passport preferred). The results of this assessment will be used to determine the placement of classes students should take.


Refund Policies

Only if the applicant fails to apply for the Study Permit, he/she can apply for the full refund for all other fees except for the one-time non-refundable application fee (CAD $350). Following supporting documents are needed when applicants apply for refund:

1.     Letter of Refusal Issued by Canadian Embassy

2.     Refund Application Letter Signed by applicant

3.     Original Letter of Acceptance and Tuition Fees Receipt of Liberal