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After School Tutoring:

In order to build up stronger academic foundation knowledge for the students, we provide after school tutoring. This tutoring includes answering the questions from each student, guidance for the homework.

Inspected Self-Studying:

As we went to ensure and improve the quality of the study of the students, we will follow the studying progress for each student and make sure they utilize their study time in the most effective way.

Exam Preparation:

Before the exams, we provide some Q&A sessions for individual questions from the students, and we will go through the key points in each session of the book. In Also, some mock exams might be given based about the course.

24-Hour Parents Access:

We will make sure the study environment for the students is safe and quality-guaranteed. To allow parents to have better understanding of the lives of their children, we have the 24-hour parent access program to help the parents lessen the worries and have more direct information about their children.

Students’ Weekly Performance Report:

This report contains more detailed and organized information about the weekly performance of the student. It includes the following information:

·       Overall academic and social performance analysis

·       Potential problem found to be improved

·       Activities attended during the week

·       Outstanding awards and progress


University Application Guidance:

As most students are not familiar the university application system, we offer guidance to help them find out the best fit universities for them. Also, some suggestions will be given about high school courses to be taken and university program selection.

Application Reviews:

Before the submission of the students’ application, we offer some help to review the documents they submit, including: application form, personal statement, resume, letter of intent and interview preparation.

Top teacher Guidance:

We arrange our top teacher to have a one-to-one appointment with the students. After the top teacher customize the study plan for each individual, students can ask questions or help on regular time for both academy and social life.


Career Advice:

We perform the analysis of the potential best fit career path for the students based on their personal characteristics. We also invite some of our former students who are currently working in the field to share the industrial information and experience. We perform regular career analysis with the data we get both from Canadian and global environment.