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Regular activities:

University Tour

For the future benefit of our students, we arrange tours for our student to visit different universities in Canada.


Corporate Vest

Liberal High School has established a good relationship with many Canadian & World’’s top 500 corporations. We arrange corporate trip every semester.


Outdoor activities:

Sports includes: Golf Tournament, Snowboarding, horsemanship, camping and jogging.


Indoor activities:

Chess Gaming, Swimming, Gym, and Bowling 


We emphasize social responsibility to our students. It is important for everyone in this society. In order to do so, we often arrange social volunteering opportunities to our student to visit include social welfare homes, old-age homes and children’’s welfare homes. 

We also support our students to volunteer in many political campaign activities. This helps students to better understand the western society.


International Traveling:

We would arrange tour for our students to visit different countries.


Summer Camp/ Winter Camp:

Every year, we invite students from all over the world to join our Summer Camp/ Winter Camp.